Pnina Gutman: Who Am I and What’s My Name??

On receiving results of a genealogical DNA test  (going back some 5-6 generations),  I found that I'm  related, somehow, to Pnina Gutman. Those who follow my writing may recall that, several years ago, I wrote a piece, "Who Am I and What's My Name?" describing her search for her identity. Tragically, she's still looking.     … Continue reading Pnina Gutman: Who Am I and What’s My Name??

Dust Storm

  A gigantic dust storm is covering all of Israel.  Reminds me of my years in Beersheva, in the Negev.  Dust storms were fairly frequent, and because our house was old, its doors and windows were not air-tight.  So every day of dust, I  washed all the clothes we wore, washed our hair, changed all … Continue reading Dust Storm

Mark Twain, Ariel Sharon– and ME

A  favorite moment?   When many areas  I've explored  click--come together. I've  long been a fan of Mark Twain's account of travels,  "The Innocents Abroad or The New Pilgrims' Progress," especially his descriptions of  Jerusalem, which he visited in 1867. He was not very impressed: A fast walker could go outside the walls of Jerusalem and walk … Continue reading Mark Twain, Ariel Sharon– and ME