Rachel or Lea??

No, not the story of Jacob–questions about a couple of poems, once studied in a Hebrew Lit course…..

Can anyone tell me whether Rachel, The Poet or Lea Goldberg wrote  poems about

**  an elderly man sitting in the sun along a roadside,  gratefully musing on his life gone by?

**  description  of a  frozen brook  in her native land (both ladies immigrated to Israel), the waters fast-flowing greeny-green under the ice?

If you don’t know, ask your kids?  These poems are probably standard Israeli high school  lit items.

LONDON: The Globe Theatre

Visiting  Shakespeare’s Globe, which offers a reconstruction of  that Theatre along with a Globe Exhibition & Tour, was, for this unabashed intellectual,  a highlight of  my  trip to London. It wasn’t just about  seeing the  place.  It was a trip back  to way back when  I learned about those groundlings, members of the audience who stood in the pit for a penny, about males acting females, and all the rest. Considering how long ago that was, it was surprising  how much I remembered….

The Exhibition,  equally fun, featured, along with the Globe’s history, Tudor clothing (a topic worthy of  further exploration), Tudor mores, and Tudor music, complete with an array of timely instruments.  I once wrote a  term paper  describing  how Elizabethan lyrics reflect Elizabethan  life. This brought everything back!

Since the Globe is uncovered, plays here   are  presented    through  spring-summer when the weather allows.

Seeing a Shakespeare play in situ was tempting. Alas, poor me, no seats were available during the brief time I  dallied along the infamous south side of the Thames. Maybe next time.