About me


While I write, pots boil over and  meals burn…while I write, I write.

I explore collectibles, history,  genealogy–and anything else that strikes my fancy.

My delights include

Discovering   obscure literary  sources that bring these topics to life

When  research worlds mesh

— when my foray into   porcelain history, for instance, links to an original, two-keyed Quantz flute, lovingly housed in an 18th century  royal porcelain box

— or  my exploration of ancient glassworks links  not only  adorn modern  jewelry, but also  to   the mysteries of  techelet, a purple-blue  dye that once again adorns tallit fringes.

I’ve also written  Between Galicia and Hungary: The Jews of Stropkov (Avotaynu 2002), a history of the Jews of the Slovakian town that was home to my Amsel clan until 1942– and  the first  in English.

Jewish Lives: Britain 1750-1950 (Pen & Sword 2013), my second book, features   the life-stories of ten individual Jews who immigrated to Britain between 1750 and 1950, based on actual genealogical research. Their tales, enriched by a variety of sources, reflect the experiences of all  immigrants as they adaptedto  their adopted land.

I welcome a variety of writing possibilities: articles, book reviews,   ghostwriting, editing, research projects, family history writing, other   literary adventures….let’s discuss the possibilities!


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