Jewish Lives: Britain 1750-1950

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Jewish Lives: Britain 1750-1950  presents the life-stories  of ten individual Jews who immigrated to Britain between 1750 and 1950, based on actual genealogical research … enriched by a variety of sources, reflect the experiences of all Jewish immigrants as they settled in their adopted land.
Melody Amsel-Arieli does not just piece together the detail of their lives–their work, pastimes, families, economic and historical records.  She also explores their background, places of origin, motives for immigration, arrival in the UK and experiences as they adjusted to their new surroundings–placing them in the wider historical context of their adopted community and society.
This collection of revealing life-stories will prove fascinating for family historians and researchers, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, by offering parallels with their own lives and the lives of their ancestors.
Jewish Lives: Britain 1750-1950 will inspire readers to pursue their own quest for information and understanding of their past.


 Feige Fella Mendzigursky: Leipzig to Manchester, 1939

 Raphael and Ester da Costa: Lisbon to London, 1746

Isadore  S Donn:  Vilna, Russian Empire to London, 1876

Yekusiel ‘Ksiel’ Pelikan: Krakow, Austro-Hungarian Empire to London, c1877

 Ze’ev Yitzhak Dovid HaLevi: Pinczow, Congress Poland to London, 1846Isaac Michael Myers, Amsterdam to London, 1846

Gershon Bederov: Gorodok, Russian Empire to London, 1902

Isaac Michael Myers: Amsterdam to London, 1824


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