Ai Yai Yai, Ai Wei Wei

Recently  we went to  Ai Wei Wei’s exhibit,  “Maybe, Maybe Not”  at the Israel Museum.  Other than hearing vague, related  tales  of Chinese repression, we knew very little about this artist– it turns out, this political artist. The most arresting part of his exhibit were the huge, gigantic, bigger-than-life trees that he assembled from parts of actual trees, pasted and bolted together.                                                   Image result for wei wei tree

Facing a wall constructed of thousands of  slips of paper, documenting donations (in Chinese)  by people who supported his political cause,  was a  spacious replica of a  ceramic tiled floor.  That is, it looked like a tile floor– but it  turned out to be — a rug.  When we were asked to remove our shoes before  exploring its  subtle tile-y hues and textures, however,  we demurred.

What luck.  Instead, we came across a tiny exhibit that touched me personally.  In a recent piece I wrote about  novelty teapots, I learned that original Chinese ones were one-cuppers — drunk directly  from curved spouts. And Ai Wel Wei was evidently as  fascinated  as I.  He exhibited a handful of –what in Heaven’s name are these?– antique broken teapot spouts!
Image result for wei wei  teapot spouts

I love it when things come  together like that!

Made my day.