Pnina Gutman: Who Am I and What’s My Name??

On receiving results of a genealogical DNA test  (going back some 5-6 generations),  I found that I’m  related, somehow, to Pnina Gutman. Those who follow my writing may recall that, several years ago, I wrote a piece, “Who Am I and What’s My Name?” describing her search for her identity.

Tragically, she’s still looking.



Barbara Rebhun, safe with the Kaczmareks Do you have a copy of this photo in your family?


What now? I have no idea– but theoretically– through studying the DNA results from all Pnina’s new-found relations– even those who are  very distant— might she be able to find herself?

It’s a wonder– she and I crossed paths– then, amazingly, meet again.
Yet it is not so strange.  We, after all,  are products of Jewish endogamy– intermarriages of cousins with cousins, uncles with nieces, and especially, repeated marriages between selected families-. Our DNA is all over the map. We carry our past with us. God willing, Pnina will find hers.


Do you have a copy of this  in your photo album?
“Barbara Wenglinski” with Charlotte Rebhun in Warsaw Do you have a copies of these in your family photo album?
Pnina & her daughters today...see any resemblance to your family?
Pnina & her daughters today… see any resemblance to your family?