Dust Storm


A gigantic dust storm is covering all of Israel.  Reminds me of my years in Beersheva, in the Negev.  Dust storms were fairly frequent, and because our house was old, its doors and windows were not air-tight.  So every day of dust, I  washed all the clothes we wore, washed our hair, changed all the linens, dusted, dusted, dusted, and scrubbed the floors.  If it was 5 days, I did this 5 days in a row.  But it didn’t help much. The minute we went outside, we breathed dust, our hair and our eyes crusted over, and breathing became disgusting.

One particular Beersheva dust storm will always stay with me, the one when my kids were outside alone. Later, N. described it:

whoosh! a terrible and fierceful wind knocked us down.  With terror we rose to see one huge wave of sand and dust that was lifted immediately, blocking all sight. Hard of breathing, we fought to stay standing…the sun was cm;etely blocked by the great amount of dust in the air.  We were almost mad with terror as we found we could not see our own hands before our eyes–at 4:00 pm.  WE were absolutely petrified-  couldn’t believe what was happening….I thought it was the end of the world,  Judgement Day or some other catastrophe. For two long moments we stood motionless, too scared to go on walking in this complete darkness. … then the rain fell, turning the dust to mud. Light was seen again, only to reveal black clouds. The storm came from Egypt- where it destructed and killed 500 people, leaving thousands homeless….Everything is fine now, a little rain and hailstones…..

And us?  We’re still waiting for  rain, the rain that rains mud as it hits the dusty air.   Bringing fresh air in its wake.

Then we’ll all  wash our clothes, wash our hair, change the linens, dust, dust, dust, and scrub the floors.

Until the next time.