Sean Carmeli


Golani Sgt. Sean Carmeli,   whose family lives in South Padre Island,  Texas,  was killed in Gaza on July 20th.  Sean   was a  ” lone soldier.”

Israeli  soldiers generally get home every week or so, enjoying  family, the amenities of home,  favorite foods,  a few hours of rest,  and evenings with friends.

Although lone soldiers– volunteer non-nationals with no close family in the country, receive many  benefits to ease their way,

they   lack the extended social network that personifies our tiny land.  So if  any are killed in the line of duty, few  accompany them   on their  last journey.

When Sean’s death was announced, however,   his favorite soccer team, Maccabi Haifa,

encouraged  their fans–via social networks–to attend his funeral.

And  they came.

From all over the country.

Tens of thousands.



As one explained, ” With us there are no  lone soldiers.  We all share one heart.”