WAZE, the user-friendly, Israeli GPS, has not only served me well throughout the country,  but also steered me straight from Dallas to Durant, OK and back again.  But yesterday, when I set off  from Jerusalem, it routed me through the bowels of the city, to streets and alleyways that I never dreamed existed– nor wanted to visit.  Then  it plunked me down behind a long line of unmoving cars/trucks.

Finally, an hour later–after long, hot minutes in standstill– it announced “a traffic accident ahead.”

WAZE  navigated me to a traffic accident!

When I turned around however, (setting off a flurry of other turn-arounds, enough to stop me in my tracks for a while), it snapped into action, re-routing me out of the city.

I reached Ramat Gan  faster than the speed of light, hot and sweaty, to make up for  losing my way(ze).

Your thoughts?

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