Who Killed Pauline: dateline Durant, OK

I’m just back from Durant, OK, where I  investigated the murder of my cousin, Pauline Amsel, age 14, in 1914– and

to meet the Duranters who, have  so generously shared their time, experience, and memories.


One hundred years ago the murder of a 14-year-old Jewish girl at her Durant home shocked the community. Now a relative is digging up the past to try to close the century old case.

Melody Amsel traveled all the way from her home in Israel to the town where the crime occurred to share what she has learned and hopefully find new information about her cousin’s death.

For a century the question has remained unanswered, who killed 14-year-old Pauline Amsel? Her second cousin Melody Amsel has tried to solve the mystery for the past ten years. What she knows for sure, is that Pauline was brutally murdered in Durant on November 11th, 1914……


Read more here–


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