Amsterdam – the week that was

I keep lists of everything –the better to think less- and that includes a travel list- what not to forget. So I was dismayed to find, when I hooked up my computer in my hotel room, that the cord connecting it to my cell phone didn’t connect. After the initial panic, calm set in. I’ve been on enough solo trips to know that plenty can and will go wrong. So I spent most of the day hunting down a telecom store. I think that most Amsterdamers don’t have cell phones (some of us in Israel have two and three), because there were no  tele-stores to be had over a wide area of the city. So, after an afternoon at the Van Gogh Museum and with an eye to postponing bedtime as much as possible after my 4:50 am flight from TA, I set out to city center, by tram. People here–locals and tourists alike– are friendly, really forthcoming, so tramming was a cinch. And eventually I found my store and bought my part. Must add it to my list!

Supper, which reminds me of the red cabbage salad, Diet Sprite, and rolls that, week by week, I ate in my hotel room in Eilat when I worked there, was a bought hotel-room chicken/macaroni/vegetable m salad– minus the yogurt sauce of course. And since my lowlow hotel rate does not include breakfast, I sneaked in my usual, soy milk, rolls, and slices of one of Holland’s ubiquitous cheeses. Now I’m looking forward to dozing off  over a book I just purchased at my daughter’s behest. Good night.