Pesach at the Dan Gardens, Ashkelon

By the worn rugs, the flaking doors, and the marbled walls, this is obviously an acquired Dan– not one of the luxurious ones that dot the country– and it’s geared to the kiddie-crowd. Our Pesach visit was memorable– enough kids in the dining room for a luna park, screaming, crying, and been begged to eat. And a sign (so Israeli): Forbidden to Take food out of the Dining Room. Yet I saw a man lop off 7/8 of a pound cake at the buffet– then tuck it in his wife’s (oversized) pocketbook.

At least we had the seder elsewhere, with family.     Ashkelon_Israel_Map–But what to do in Ashkelon?



A walk along the beach, a side trip to Zikim shore (watching my better half brave the waves), and seeking food in nearby Ashdod (MacDonalds on Pesach in a deserted mall–is there anything more depressing?)

But rest and relax we did.