Pear & Apple & Italian Opera

Last night, we met visiting US  cousins at Apple & Pear, an Italian restaurant in Jerusalem, for dinner. It’s one of our favorites- we eat  there  often. Last night, however, was a special treat.  Besides meeting Rob and Margaret G. and family

( what a high after years of disconnect) ,  we observed a  of guests  celebrating a Sheva Brachot,   one of the seven days  following  a Jewish wedding, in which those assembled  bless the newlyweds.

Half   hailed from Milano, Italy.

All were Chassidic, including  a venerable, bearded rabbi at the table’s head.

As if this local color were not enough, Pear & Apple’s chef   blessed them with a performance  of a Puccini aria,  from La Boheme, I believe–a personal favorite.

The combination of  such wonder–the food and the  music– was almost too much to bear.

We’ll be going back soon– the chef promised us an aria at every meal!