Oy, Jewish Men…..

If I understand correctly, the  concept of women’s modesty (long sleeves, opaque stockings, covered head, high necklines, low hems, and more— I  was once forced, by haredi employers, to deck myself out thus) is based solely on men’s weakness.

Oho! They can’t take their eyes off us.  They can’t keep their hands off us.  They can’t keep their thoughts away from us.

And  that leads to unholy acts.  Yes, that.  Which is a sin. According to the Bible.

The solution?

Instead of spitting, don’t look at us.  Close your eyes.

Instead of forbidding us to sing, plug your ears.

Instead of  controlling where we sit in public conveyances,    walk.

Or  better yet–to prevent has-vechalilla–stay home.

What a bill of goods.  Women in their society, we are told, are Queens treated with respect.

Then why–every morning– do men thank God for not being created women?