I’ve finally got up and running!

While endlessly  tweaking it , I recalled that, in 1788,  each  Jew in Slovakia  was, ‘without exception,’  required to adopt   surname  for use in all legal documents   for the rest of his or her life.

I wonder  how people chose their names–did brothers band together,even if they lived in distant  villages,  to choose a common name?     Did their  patriarchal grandfather Moshe  decree that henceforth, all  would adopt  the traditional  name “Moskovitz” [son of Moshe] instead ?  Or did each–with no regard for  future genealogy quests– choose a different surname?

Did  one brother  choose  choose “Nudelman,” or Shreiber– both occupations–  or prefer a  loftier,   artificial name that evoked beauty or wealth,  like  “Feinsilver” or “Goldenberg”?    Did another   choose Amsel because  he was famed  for his  beautiful singing voice?   Or did he  choose a name like  “Gottlieb” or “Helfman”,  because he was known–or wanted to be known– for his good deeds or as a good Jew?

With too, I began with a blank slate.  The challenge was not finding images, choosing articles,  linking to sites,  or RSS feeds.   The challenge was presenting myself — as I am– and as I wish to be seen.

After much introspection, reflects much of who I am—for now.

But expect  changes as I  evolve.