An Ill Wind is Blowing Through Israel

Every morning, ultra-orthodox men  (and other orthodox streams) thank God that they were not created women.

They have good reason.  Men  rule the roost.
Judaism is a MAN’s religion.  Women are primed  from birth to bring as many children into the world as humanly possibly (think 12, for example), assume their care, work (or not)– while their husbands study all day.

Someone has to  stay home and do the dirty work, right? 

Because women  enable men’s  his study–they are assured a place in heaven.
What a deal.
What– they can’t get there on their own?

Within this society, men are deemed weak.
Women are deemed the Devil, capable of unmanning men– and worse, causing them to spill their seed “for nothing.”
Yes. That.

So, within the fold, men may not look at women, touch women, be alone in a closed area with women, or even hear women sing.

So recently,  “righteous” men   have been   taking  more and more steps  against women in Israel.

They have been defacing public advertisements that feature women.
Through their political connections,  have been prohibiting public advertisements that feature women.

They are banning women from religious political councils.

Religious soldiers have been refusing  to hear women soldiers sing. 

What to do?

A Jerusalem dance company located near a Haredi enclave,  with a curtained practice area facing the street, has just decided to open the drapes.

Short of standing in the middle of the street singing or  blowing up a photo of myself and displaying it prominently on my (private) balcony, what can I do?

Do respond.